software designed for gamers.

About Discord

It allows you to chat with your friends while playing. You can use it on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and in the browser of your choice. With over forty-five million users worldwide, the software is a free and convenient way to communicate while gaming.

The Creation Process

The person who brought Discord to existence is Jason Citron. Long before he had the idea of Discord, he was the founder of OpenFeint, a gaming platform. After selling it to GREE, Citron founded a game development studio called Hammer & Chisel. As the result of hard work, the company presented Fates Forever in 2014, which was thought to become the first mobile action real-time strategy game. Unfortunately, it did not gain the anticipated popularity but brought a valuable insight to Citron.

He noticed the challenges of communication that his team had to face while testing the gameplay. The issues included the fact that according to the requirements of many VoIP options, players had to share different IP addresses just to establish the connection. Other options like Skype or TeamSpeak demanded heavy resources and incorporated some security issues. This is when the team came up with the idea of developing a new software that would eliminate the weaknesses of the existing communication.

Discord was released in May 2015. Citron and his team offered the Reddit communities to try it out. Later they found out that a lot of subreddit forums started to use Discord servers. Soon Discord became popular among tournament gamers.

As any software, Discord needs constant improvements and additional functions. In August 2017, Discord advertised the release of the new function"Video Calling and Screenshare". It was available only to five per cent of total registered members but they will expand this "open beta" version to more users in the nearest future.


The obvious benefit of Discord is that it's compatible with multiple platforms. You can use it on a personal computer, mobile phone, and the web. It is all possible due to the Electron framework. There are 9 data centers situated around the globe. When Discord is being used on a personal computer, the special features like low-latency and free voice chat servers make the user experience better. There is also a newly added function of direct calling for two and more users. GameBridge API makes it possible to maintain integration within games.

The software is free but there are ways the developer's team can gain some profit from their work. The possible options include users paying for emojis and stickers. The first paid options appeared at the beginning of 2017. A gamer can now sign up for a monthly subscription and get an animated avatar, unique profile badge, and use various emojis. The limitations of uploaded files' sizes increase as well from 8 MB to 50 MB.

The number of Discord fans grows very fast. It increased from 3 million in January to 11 million in July 2016. There are numerous positive reviews of Discord on the web so it is no surprise that more and more people start using it. It offers real benefits to those who previously used Skype, TeamSpeak or CurseVoice. It has a convenient option of adjusting push notifications in the way that you get notified only when someone mentions you in a text. Discord also has great security features with DDoS protection and IP protection. Also, the users admit the convenience of Twitter tech support. You can get the assistance within an hour which is a good sign of a company being client-oriented.

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